*A new logo? Maybe...*

A new logo? Maybe...

Welcome to my online portfolio and gallery. Because my current (if 10 years can be called that) love is Graphic Design, I’ve broken up a many-faceted career into a few groupings, those that can easily be sketched, scanned or compressed from a file. Missing are the murals, the works in glass, bronze, acrylic resin, and a brief, hand-destroying effort with wood that is really best forgotten now that it’s all healed up.

I hope you will find these efforts more worthy of memory, or, at the very least, less painful. And very likely, no bandages will be involved. So please, enjoy.

About Aesthetic Engineering:

It’s sort of a joke. Sort of.

I started out in Physics with art as a hobby. When a gallery owner saw a mural of mine through my apartment door in college, things switched. Now I do Art and physics is among the hobbies.

Well, almost.

I’ve never quite given up the mindset of science, so I never quite feel confident calling myself an artist. I am, but perhaps there is a slight difference. I work from the meme as much as the emotion. I try to follow both my instinct and the theories that convince me. Almost all of my private works stem from themes out of archeoastronomy and neuroscience, but flower into things I could never hope to codify and equate.

I admire history's artistic polymaths. I hope I have some fraction of their spirit. So I call myself an aesthetic engineer. It’s a lot less scary than artist. It garners a bit of a smile on a business card. And maybe it's not quite a joke after all.