An unexpected hit!

This books was great fun to design, a pleasure to lay out, and surprisingly, a joy to create maps for. I have had to create maps and diagrams before, but in this case, despite the warning that these are not for navigation, the waters here are for experienced boaters and require extreme caution. But you know that there are always going to be those people who go without proper charts and depend instead on some illustrations by a landlubber. To live up to that fact, I put in hours with the charts and satellite images. In the end, I had satisfaction, and a bottle of ibuprofen as a reward.

Sample Map

But Photo-correcting the images given to me by James and Jennifer was sheer bliss. Talents like you would not believe! And I have to add, they are two of the coolest authors I have ever worked with. I've done some followup posters and signage for them and I have to say, when I see Jennifer's name on the e-mail, it goes to the top of the to-do pile.

Sample Layout

This book offered a challenge post-production as well, largely *because* of the positive press it has recieved. How often to the graphic designers get mentioned in reviews. Well, I did, by name. The problem, of course, is that if one can be mentioned by name in a positive review, then one can be named in a negative review as well. It just seemed safer to stay behind the curtain.

Oh well!

Here’s the latest press on the book, this time from Bay & Delta Yachtsman:

The Latest Good Press!