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Who, What & Why Delvecem?

I know, it’s hard to pronounce, it’s certainly difficult to spell out loud when you’re passing out your email or web address. On the phone, it is nigh impossible. But I first read the name in one, single antique book of Irish Myth for children. It’s stayed with me ever since, especially because I have never found any other refernce to that story.

Delvecem is a princess, of course, as they all are, from the magical, distant and northernmost island of Ireland. And she had a discouraging father, but then, don't they all. Then came Art, a hero and bard, escaping his own trevails. What was interesting about this myth: She defended Him. Delvecem defended Art. The new King took the place of the old, with all due adventure and hijinks. But it was the Princess who took Art by the hand and placed the crown upon his head.

Please feel free to interpret it as you will. As for me, the image felt right when I read it, and it still does.